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Evidence of eukaryotes during the Paleoproterozoic rise in atmospheric oxygen
21 November 2019 | Seminar

From the fossil record, we know that life inhabiting the early Earth (>2.5 bya) consisted only of small, microscopic cells, which commonly grouped together in colonies and formed layered...

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Automated Seismic Interpretation and the Crustal Structure of the Barents Sea, Norway
24 October 2019 | Seminar

Several new deep crustal seismic transects were collected across the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea.

Investigating the Interaction of Biology and Culture Through Analysis of Ancient Mayan Skeletons
15 August 2019 | Seminar

In this talk, Stan will provide an overview of his research which involves the analysis and interpretation of human skeletal remains from Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico.

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Mapping cation exchange capacity using a quasi-3d joint-inversion of EM38 and EM31 data
18 July 2019 | Seminar

The cation exchange capacity (CEC, cmol(+)/kg) is a measure of soil’s capacity to retain exchangeable cations.

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PhD Exit Seminar: How to Build a Better Monster: Geometric morphometric and finite element analysis of the mekosuchine crocodile forelimb to assess locomotion
20 June 2019 | Seminar

The focus of evolutionary biomechanics is to relate form to evolutionary function in the context of physical restraint.

Hidden in the figures: a new approach to evaluating the effectiveness of science communication
16 May 2019 | Seminar

There is little evidence that science communication is effective (Sless and Shrensky, 2001).

Tipping cascades in polar regions drove global change during early Last Interglacial warming
4 April 2019 | Seminar

Irreversible shifts of large-scale components of the Earth system (so-called ‘tipping elements’) are a concern for pace and severity of future climate change.

The Making of Mistaken Point UNESCO World Heritage Site, Newfoundland, Canada
4 April 2019 |

Mistaken Point is a globally significant Ediacaran fossil site in SE Newfoundland that was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016.  Mistaken Point is one of only 16 World Heritage...

181025 Oliver
Coffee Break: Carol Oliver
25 October 2018 | Seminar

Challenges and opportunities in online learning and teaching