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4 August 2021

We need to investigate how the ocean’s immense potential for atmospheric carbon dioxide removal can be harnessed to reduce the impacts of climate change.

26 February 2021

Just like in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the answer was 42.

22 September 2020

Considering what we know about the key ingredients for life's formation on Earth, here are three explanations for how this process may have occurred on our sister planet.

17 September 2020
The Sydney Morning Herald full article here
13 August 2020

An international team of scientists have recalculated the curves used for radiocarbon dating – a key method for archaeology and environmental science – for the first time in seven years.

23 July 2020

The arrival of humans in the Americas may predate the peak of the last ice age, new research shows.

21 July 2020

UNSW Sydney will celebrate the wonderful world of science with a range of digital events for the 2020 National Science Week.

8 July 2020

As the world warmed from the last ice age, a rise in carbon dioxide levels stalled for nearly 2,000 years. That's always puzzled scientists, but now they think they know what happened.

26 June 2020

A giant marsupial that roamed prehistoric Australia 25 million years ago is so different from its wombat cousins that scientists have had to create a new family to accommodate it.

23 June 2020

New research has shed light on the role sea ice plays in managing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.