Dr Chris Marjo
Head of Solid State & Elemental Analysis Unit
Contact details:
+61 (2) 9385 4693

Room G61
Chemical Sciences F10
UNSW Sydney NSW 2052


BSc (Hons) University of Technology, Sydney Australia; PhD (Chemistry) UNSW Australia.

Postdoctoral Research, University of Twente, The Netherlands, then University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Software developer, then general manager of an industrial printing ink manufacturer, Pacific Inks Australia.

2007 - 2017 Manager of the Solid State and Elemental Analysis Unit. 

2017 Senior Lecturer & Head, Solid State and Elemental Analysis Unit, responsible for staff and resource management in the SSEAU.

First contact for grant applications for new instrumentation, and for student projects carried out in the SSEAU.



Book Chapters
Marjo C; Chinu K; Joseph S; Singh B, 2017, 'Dissolved carbon and LC-OCD of biochar.', in Singh B; Camps-Arbestain M; Lehmann J (ed.), Biochar: A Guide to Analytical Methods, CSIRO, pp. 64 - 64, http://gateway.webofknowledge.com/gateway/Gateway.cgi?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:000427256200007&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a
Kelloway SJ; Ward CR; Marjo CE; Wainwright IE; Cohen DR, 2015, 'Analysis of Coal Cores Using Micro-XRF Scanning Techniques', in Croudace IW; Rothwell RG (ed.), MICRO-XRF STUDIES OF SEDIMENT CORES: APPLICATIONS OF A NON-DESTRUCTIVE TOOL FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, edn. Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research, SPRINGER, pp. 601 - 612, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-94-017-9849-5_25


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