Dr Haydn Washington
Haydn Washington
Adjunct Lecturer
Field of Research: 
Environmental Science
Contact details:
(02) 9385 5730

Room 413,  Level 4 
Electrical Engineering Building (G17)
Kensington Campus, UNSW


Dr. Haydn Washington is an adjunt lecturer at UNSW. He has a forty year history as an environmental scientist, writer and activist. He has a degree in ecology, a Masters of Science in eco-toxicology (heavy metal pollution), a Dip. Ed., and a Ph.D. 'The Wilderness Knot' in Social Ecology (2007). Haydn was worked in CSIRO, as Director of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, as an environmental consultant, and as a Director of Sustainability in Local Government. He is the Co-Director of the NSW Chapter of the Center for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy. Haydn has written books on environmental issues, the most recent being ‘Demystifying Sustainability’ (2015) and as lead editor of ‘A Future Beyond Growth’ (2016). Haydn is also keenly interested in geodiversity, especially the pagoda rock formations of the western Blue Mountains.

Expertise and Research Interests

  • Environmental science
  • Plant Ecology
  • Climate change denial
  • Wilderness conservation and philosophy
  • Sense of place
  • Human dependence on nature
  • Sustainability

Books and book chapters

Washington, H. Demystifying Sustainability: Towards Real Solutions, London: Routledge (2015) 

Human Dependence on Nature, How to Help Solve the Environmental Crisis. 2012

'Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand' (2011),

'The Wilderness Knot' (2009),

'A sense of Wonder' (2002),

'Ecosolutions: environmental solutions for the world and Australia' (1991).

Book Chapters

Washington, H. Is 'Sustainability' the same as 'Sustainable Development' eds: Kopnina, H and Shoreman-Ouimet,E in Susatianbility - Key Issues
in Press (2015)

Selected Articles and Media

Mary White Address at Bellingen  Writers Festival, June 6, 2014. PDF download  and Listen to AUDIO Mpg3

Washington, H.G., Interview on  beyond ZERO emmissions radio : Steady State Economy  
Washington, H. (2014) ‘Denial as a key obstacle to solving the environmental crisis’, in Goldie, J. and Betts, K. (eds) Sustainable Futures: Linking population, resources and the environment, Australia: CSIRO Publishing

Washington, H. (2014) ‘Economic sustainability – What should it be?’ in the 2013 Proceedings of the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (forthcoming)
Haswell-Elkins, M. and Washington, H. (2014) Not so cheap: Australia needs to acknowledge the real cost of coal, The Converstation, June 9th 2014, see: https://theconversation.com/not-so-cheap-australia-needs-to-acknowledge-the-real-cost-of-coal-26640

Washington, H. (2014). Economic sustainability: what should it be? Opportunities for the Critical Decade: Enhancing well-being within Planetary Boundaries. Presented at the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics 2013 Conference, The University of Canberra and Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics, Canberra, Australia. http://anzsee.org/download/anzsee_2013_conference_proceedings/16_%20Washington.pdf Conference proceedings are at http://anzsee.org/anzsee-2013-conference-proceedings/

Washington, H. G. and Wray, R.A.L. (2011) The Geoheritage and Geomorphology of the Sandstone Pagodas of the North-western Blue Mountains Region (NSW) [online] Proceedings of the Linnean. Society of New South Wales, Vol 132 2011: 131-143

Washington, H.G. (2008). The Wilderness Knot.  In: Watson, Alan; Dean, Liese, Sproull, Janet, comps. 2005. Science and stewardship to protect and sustain wilderness values: Eighth World Wilderness Congress symposium; 2005 September 30 – October 6; Anchorage, AK. Proceedings RMRS-P—000. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station.

Washington, H.G. (2009) Embedding sustainability in an Australian Council. Journal of Sustainability 2(2) (eJournal); August 1st 2009: http://journalofsustainability.com/lifetype/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=63&blogId=1

Washington H.G (2009) Opinion: Sustainability--the failure in urgency. Journal of Sustainability 2(3) (eJournal) September 15th, 2009: http://journalofsustainability.com/lifetype/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=66&blogId=1

Washington, H. G. and Wray, R.A.L. (2011) The Geoheritage and Geomorphology of the Sandstone Pagodas of the North-western Blue Mountains Region (NSW) accepted for publication in Proc. Linn. Soc, 132: 131-141