Professor James Goff
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Field of Research: 
Tsunami, natural hazards, coastal geomorphology
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Room 637, D26 Building
UNSW, Kensington 2052

Research & Current Projects

I am particularly interested in tsunamis – all aspects of tsunamis - hazard, risk and vulnerability assessment, disaster and emergency management – but in studying this particular natural hazard my interests have quite naturally extended to include a vast range of others. During my career I have worked in environments from the high mountains to the deep ocean and therefore all natural hazards and the associated human-environment interactions are of interest to me.

I have worked on natural hazards such as tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, river floods, glacial outbursts, and landslides in Australia, the Antarctic, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Chile, Mexico, The Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Hawaii, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Pacific Northwest, Canada, UK, France, Greece, Belize, and Wallis and Futuna.

I am Adjunct Professor at the University of Hawaii and University of the South Pacific, and have been Visiting Professor at Arizona State University (USA), University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and the National University of Singapore. I am also Honorary Research Associate at the University of Auckland, and “Scientist-in-Residence” at the Pacific Tsunami Museum, Hawaii.

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CURRENT PROJECTS (Selected Examples)

Developing a tsunami database for Japan

In search of Eltanin – evidence for the tsunami generated by this asteroid impact 2.5 million years ago

Exploring Tsunamis in Gunditjmara Oral Traditions

Purau Bay to Pigeon Bay – searching for tsunamis on the seaward side of Lyttelton Harbour

Atoll flank collapses in the SW Pacific: their role as tsunamigenic sources and their impact on coral reefs

The environmental history of temperate highland sandstone swamps with a particular focus on fire and climatic variability

Caractérisation des impacts morpho-sédimentaires du tsunami de 2009 (Pacifique Sud) et de son backwash sur les plateaux internes



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Research Students


David Edwards (PhD Candidate) – Bank erosion and boat wakes on the lower Hawkesbury River

Claire Kain (PhD candidate) – Tsunami signatures: Understanding the dynamics of pre-historic tsunamis from evidence in the landscape (Joint supervisor with Dr. Catherine Chagué-Goff)

Darren King (PhD candidate) – Tsunami disturbance, recurrence and risk along the New Zealand’s coast: learning from differences in knowledge, practice and belief (Co-supervisors: Dr. Catherine Chagué-Goff, Dr. Wendy Shaw).

Len Martin (PhD Candidate) (Joint supervision with Associate Professor Scott Mooney)

Jak McCarroll (PhD candidate) A physical examination of topographic rip currents (co-supervisor – main supervisor: A/Prof Rob Brander)

Veronica Ritchie (PhD candidate) – Cultures of disaster survival in the aftermath of tsunamis - Social scientific approaches (Joint supervisor with Associate Professor Wendy Shaw)

Todd Walton (PhD candidate) - Australian rip currents, community knowledge and implications for surf drowning, rescues and education (co-supervisor – main supervisor: A/Prof Wendy Shaw)

Shaun Williams (PhD candidate; University of Canterbury, New Zealand) – Tsunami hazard, Samoa Islands: Palaeotsunami investigation, numerical source modelling and risk implications (co-supervisor – main supervisor: Professor Tim Davies).

Jordan Chan (Honours candidate) – Palaeoenvironmental record from Lake Tiriara, Mangaia, Cook Islands (joint supervised with Dr. Catherine Chagué-Goff)

Jai Donnelly (Honours candidate) – Establishing a rigorous chronology for catastrophic events at Lavericks Bay, New Zealand (joint supervised with Dr. Catherine Chagué-Goff)

Emma McDonald (Honours candidate) - Aboriginal Astronomical Traditions in the Hunter Region, NSW (joint supervised with Dr. Duane Hamacher (Nura Gili), Prof. Ray Norris (CSIRO))


Cass Courtney (PhD, 2012) - Testing the Australian Megatsunami Hypothesis

Cameron Tarbotton (PhD, 2013) - A new approach for assessing the vulnerability of buildings to tsunamis.

Karina Judd (Honours, 2013) – Geochemical mapping of the inundation limit of three historical tsunamis in New Zealand (joint supervised with Dr. Catherine Chagué-Goff)

Jodie McClintock (Honours, 2013) – Geoarchaeology of the Kapiti coast, New Zealand (joint supervised with Dr. Catherine Chagué-Goff)

Lindsey Blecher (Honours, 2012) - Multi-proxy analysis of the June 1932 Tsunamis on the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Lisa Mackay (Honours, 2012) - A palaeoenvironmental reconstruction to determine European impacts on Marley Lagoon, Royal National Park



GEOS1211 Environmental Earth Science (Course Coordinator)

GEOS3621 Natural Hazards and their Management (Course Coordinator)




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