Australasian Biogeography and Natural Classification


Australasian Biogeography and Natural Classification (The Ebach Lab) is a biogeography and systematics research group headed by Dr. Malte C. Ebach

Dr.  Ebach specialises on the history, theory and methodology of biological systematics, taxonomy and biogeography. He is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Biogeography, Australian Systematic Botany, Editor of Zootaxa and Phytotaxa, and Editor-in-Chief of the CRC Biogeography Book Series.



Key UNSW collaborators

A/Prof. Shawn Laffan

Prof. Gerry Cassis


HDR Students

Elizabeth M. Dowding

Chao Huang

Siying Mao



The Conversation - “What is Biogeography?” 3rd December 2012

The Conversation - Size doesn’t matter in Big Data, it’s what you ask of it that counts 17th March 2016